JAMESTOWN, N.C. (WGHP) — A new grant is helping recent graduates get their college education for free. Thanks to the Longleaf Commitment grant, North Carolina high school graduates can choose from 58 community colleges across the state to complete their first two years to college.

This grant covers community college tuition and fees for up to two years for 2021 and 2022 high school graduates. Its helping Guilford Technical Community College student Daniela Campbell get her first two years out of the way with no debt. 

“I’m really able to focus on school work because I don’t have to do a part-time job,” Campbell said. “I get books covered with the grant, I get tuition covered with the grant. So it really has been a great flexible two years.”

The grant guarantees full-time eligible students $700 to $2,800 a year for two years to cover tuition and fees. For students who don’t meet all the eligibility requirements to get full tuition covered, some schools like Durham Tech are stepping in to make up the difference.

“What we want to be sure is that when you come to Durham Tech to complete a degree or credential diploma that you are positioning yourself to be in a livable wage job. That is something that is important to us as a college because we recognize that when you invest in your higher education that there should be some benefit to that investment,” said Abraham Dones, vice president of student services at Durham Tech. 

Faculty at Durham Tech and GTCC say they have seen a slow rise in enrollment this year.

More information about the longleaf grant can be found on the GTCC website.

The grant is available at all 58 community colleges in North Carolina.