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RALEIGH, N.C. (WGHP) —There was a lot of attention on pay increases for state workers and teachers, and the updated state budget, approved Thursday night, does include raises. However, those raises are a little less than Cooper had requested to address the many openings in state government (about 21% at the last report). Teachers get an additional 4.2% overall.

The budget passed both houses and is headed for Gov. Roy Cooper’s desk, but his veto pen appears neutralized by the 13 Democrats in the Senate and 19 in the House who joined all Republicans in approving the 2-year spending plan. That outcome would suggest a supermajority that could override Cooper’s objections.

Most state workers would get 1% on top of the 2.5% they were slated to receive in the 2021 budget. There would be higher raises for employees who are paid on an “experience-based schedule” or have salaries set by law. That means most state employees will see a 3.5% pay raise, for a 6% raise over 2 years. Retirees will get a 1% cost-of-living bump, bringing that up to 4% over 2 years.

Last year’s budget had a 5% raise over two years for state workers and an average 5% raise for teachers.

Both the State Employees Association and the North Carolina Association of Educators criticized the raises because they say they don’t keep up with inflation.