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RALEIGH, N.C. (WGHP) — It’s going to be a merry Christmas for North Carolina state employees.

North Carolina Gov. Roy Cooper signed the state budget on Nov. 18, approving $25.9 billion for this fiscal year and $27 billion for the next. 

As part of that budget, most employees who were working for the state as of Dec. 1 will receive pay raises of 5% over two years plus a $1,000 bonus. Those making under $75,000 and working in law enforcement will see an additional $500 bonus.

Bonuses will be pro-rated for eligible part-time employees who meet eligibility criteria.

Employees are not eligible for the bonus if they are temporary employees and faculty in their first year of participation in the Phased Retirement Program. Tthose in their second and third years are eligible. Employees currently on disability or on unpaid leave of absence may be eligible upon their return if they satisfy all other eligibility criteria.

According to the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, biweekly paid employees should have received their bonuses with their paychecks on Friday, Dec. 17.

Monthly paid employees will see theirs with their paychecks on Thursday, Dec. 23.

According to the university system, employees will see a separate paystub for this payment in the “My Pay and Taxes” tile in ConnectCarolina.

These bonuses will not have retirement or other deductions withheld.

Taxes will be withheld. For most employees, 22% is being withheld for federal taxes, and for those subject to N.C. withholdings, 5.35% rounded up to the next whole dollar is being withheld.

FICA and Medicare are being withheld per usual and subject to annual caps.