RALEIGH, N.C., (WNCN) — Animal shelters and rescues across Wake County are seeing dozens of kittens come into their doors every week and some say they desperately need help.

“We get calls all day every day with people who have found kittens, are trying to find places for kittens to go,” Beth Mancini with SAFE Haven for Cats said.

SAFE Haven for Cats adopted out over ten cats this past weekend but their shelter is still nearly full. That’s because leaders at the shelter say they’re getting kittens in the door every day in one of the worst kitten seasons they can remember.

“Every season, every year it seems to get worse and worse,” Mancini said.

With that many kittens needing care, we’re told shelter staff are working around the clock to feed them, give them any medications and eventually adopt them out. The solution, they say, is to trap, neuter and release stray cats throughout Wake County to cut down on the amount of kittens being born. Shelter staff are urging anyone who sees a stray kitten to call them so they can get that procedure done.

But while the ones they have are still being cared for, shelters say they’re in desperate need of more volunteers to be in the building doing the work. They say it’s lifesaving work but they simply need more hands on deck to get it done.

“It takes extra work to take care of these kittens, they eat a lot more frequently than adult cats, they need a lot more care, a lot more treatments,” Mancini said.

In addition to volunteers, they’re always looking for monetary donations as well as food and toys for the cats.

To learn more about SAFE Haven for Cats, donating, and also a list of cats available for adoption click here.