RALEIGH, N.C. (WNCN) — Search warrants reveal new details about what led to a Johnston County School Board member and former Smithfield police officer being indicted.

Earlier this month, Ronald Johnson was indicted on extortion, felony obstruction of justice, and three counts of willfully failing to discharge duties.

Investigators searched Johnson’s home, car, and an office he used out of a gym.

The documents reveal secret recordings and evidence of a deal investigators believe Johnson tried making with a congressional candidate, something the candidate describes as blackmail.

The warrant states Johnson asked a woman named Angela Barbour to help record other people. The documents reveal Barbour told investigators that Johnson wanted recordings to use as “leverage.”

“Ms. Barbour stated that Ronald Johnson wanted to obtain recordings he could use at a later time for leverage or to give him an advantage,” the warrant states.

According to the document, Barbour told investigators she and Johnson were sexually intimate.

She also told investigators Johnson asked her to help get then-congressional candidate DeVan Barbour by recording him or by having sex with him.

The warrant shows Johnson gave her a prepaid phone to do so, and that a little over a month before the Republican primary, Johnson met with DeVan Barbour at Clayton Fitness.

Also in the warrant, Johnson reportedly played a recording for DeVan in which he describes an incident between DeVan and Angela, and that if DeVan did not want the recording to get out, he had to have Angela write a statement saying she lied about having an affair with Johnson.

According to the document, DeVan said whether the incident did or did not occur, the implication would effectively end his campaign.

“Mr. Barbour told Mr. Johnson that this sounded a lot like blackmail and the two engaged in a heated conversation,” the warrant states.

Multiple recordings are discussed in the warrant, including the May recording where school board attorneys found Johnson secretly recorded a closed session meeting where administration salaries were discussed.

Board attorneys said Johnson admitted to secretly recording around 10 times but did not recall talking to anyone about it or sharing it.

During that meeting, Johnson said he doesn’t have any recordings and there were no recordings.

The warrant tells a different story.

In it, the investigator says an administrator notes Johnson came to her home and played the recording in the presence of her husband.

The investigator said Johnson appeared to try removing and/or destroying evidence. He said Johnson left Clayton Fitness, where he used an office, carrying a large white box.

This was less than an hour after investigators said they left the gym to obtain a search warrant for a phone that was inside that office, and when they returned, the phone and the box were gone.

They later found the box when they searched Johnson’s car.

Johnson remains on the school board.

He was fired from the police department in October.