(QUEEN CITY NEWS) — Sick of homeowner’s association fees climbing higher and the drama that can surround them?  

A new study from Today’s Homeowner shows that North Carolina ranks ninth in the country in most HOAs per capita. In the state, 26.9 percent of homes are under HOAs, which is good for a total of 1.2 million.

HOAs can consist of individual houses in a neighborhood, condos, townhouses and co-ops, with rules and responsibilities varying based on property type and location. They often pay for amenities like pools and fitness centers, but also lawn maintenance and community events. 

But one question surrounding these associations is: Are they worth it?  

Florida is the most common state for HOAs. There, 45 percent of homes have them. The Sunshine State with its many waterfront and retirement communities is followed by Colorado at 38.6 percent. 

South Carolina is just a tick above its neighbor to the north. Homes in the Palmetto State have a 27.1 percent chance of being in an HOA. 

Today’s Homeowner says that homes in HOAs are generally valued at least 4 percent higher than other homes. Those fees can be substantial, though. Data from the Foundation for Community Association Research shows that the average monthly HOA fee in the U.S. is $390, or about $4,700 annually. That’s on top of any mortgage payment. 

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North Carolinians pay an average of $385 each month on their HOA fees, $5 below the national average. Missouri has the highest average fee at $469. 

In general, the lower the percentage of homes under an HOA means a higher average fee as a percentage of their median home value. In North Carolina, The average fee is 1.9 percent of the median home value. South Carolina is close by again, at 2.2 percent. 

Four of the states where less than 5 percent of homes are part of community associations are all concentrated in the South.