CHARLOTTE, N.C. (QUEEN CITY NEWS) – One by one Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police officers handed Kia and Hyundai drivers a safety mechanism aimed at keeping their cars out of the hands of thieves.

CMPD organized the steering lock giveaway for certain models targeted by a juvenile social media group called the Kia boys. Thieves hotwire a car with just a screwdriver and USB cord. Officer Merchant spearheaded the event hoping to prevent other drivers from becoming victims of the trend.

“I reached out to Honda corporate. I got 112 locks initially, that is the program that they have for law enforcement agencies, is they can distribute locks and my count was 112, all are gone today. One woman says she’s a little more at ease to get it because “if you are at home like me with two cameras and you’re looking at at the cameras with somebody out there in your yard in your car, it didn’t matter.”

It only took about 10 minutes for CMPD to run out, leaving lots of people without protection. “The road is blocked off trying to get here. I had to park and come and walk all the way over here.” Now she’ll have to buy a steering lock herself to make sure her vehicle is safe.

“Every day on Facebook people’s cars again stolen and taken. I know my friend, her mom’s car just got taken last week, so it’s real bad out here.”