WAXHAW, N.C. (QUEEN CITY NEWS) – A Waxhaw pet rescue is trying to figure out its next steps after a fire at a barn that housed several rescue animals.

The blaze, which happened Sunday morning at the Rover’s Rescue and Retreat, killed a number of chickens, dogs, and a goat.

The non-profit pet rescue said the barn served multiple purposes, including socializing dogs to human interaction.

“We get them healthy,” said Holly Rogers, Rover’s Rescue, and Retreat co-owner. “We get rid of the fleas and ticks, and in some cases, heartworms.”

Rogers noted the cause of the fire is still being looked into; however, they were told it may have been due to a high-up heat lamp in the barn that may have busted.

Rover has had a history within the Charlotte area, taking in rescues and fostering animals from across the Carolinas and often adopting their animals across other parts of the country.

Rogers said it had helped hundreds of animals in its time in operation.