CAPE FEAR, N.C. (WNCN) – A stay at Frying Pan Tower for the weekend, is now being raffled off for free by its owner for up to four people.

In a Facebook post on Wednesday, Richard Neal, who bought Frying Pan Tower — a former Coast Guard Lighthouse — from the government in 2010, said he is holding a fundraising raffle.

The winning prize includes transportation to and from the tower by either boat or helicopter, because it is 32 miles off the coast of Cape Fear, an ocean-facing temperature-controlled private room and personal chef-prepared meals.

Neal also listed 13 activities to do at the offshore hotel for the winner:

  • Gulf Stream charter fishing trip or SCUBA diving nearby wrecks;
  • Snorkeling under the tower with schools of fish all around;
  • Practice your golf swing by hitting biodegradable golf balls;
  • Fishing from the main level outside walkway 70′ above the ocean;
  • Test your aim by shooting biodegradable clays off the helipad;
  • Playing corn hole on the helipad, (hint adjust for the wind!);
  • Stargazing at night with a tracking telescope;
  • Soaking up the sunshine in hammocks on the helipad;
  • Playing pool on the original 1964 Brunswick table;
  • Relaxing in a two-person hot tub on the helipad;
  • Grab a morning cup of coffee and watch the sun rise above the waves;
  • Kick back with a cool one as the sun sets & the Milky Way appears above.

The fundraiser opened today for entry of $100 per ticket for the trip for two. You can also add $50 to your entry for a chance to win two additional guests on your trip, the entry site says.

The entry period ends at midnight on May 31. Neal said the winner will be contacted by phone or email.