WILSON, N.C. (WNCN) — Chardeé Sessoms said it’s been two months since her son, 16-year-old Jah’quez Tyquarion Montreal Fleming, was shot and killed after walking home from a friend’s house.

Weeks may have passed, but the Wilson mother said her heart continues to hurt.

“It really was like a numb feeling. There are still times where I think it’s just a nightmare,” said Sessoms. The mother joined others over the weekend to pass out flyers to neighbors in the area where Wilson police found Jah’quez on December 16th near Minchew Street. Police said the teen had been shot. Paramedics rushed Jah’quez to the hospital. Sessoms said her son died that night.

Before the 16-year-old was found, Sessoms said she received a message from one of her son’s friends around 11 p.m. who asked if Jah’quez had made it home. The family said Jah’quez had left the friend’s home around 9 p.m.

At that moment, Sessoms knew something wasn’t right. She said, “As soon as I got the message, I came out because I know that he doesn’t go anywhere but home and his friend’s house.”

After failed attempts to reach Jah’quez through phone calls and messages, Sessoms said she and others began to search the neighborhood and call out his name. She said, “Neighbors said they heard gunshots, but they didn’t know what was going on or think to call police.”

“Just having a child that you had for 16 years and now you have to wake up every morning and go to sleep at night thinking about him and the hurt… heartbreak…” said the Wilson mother. Sessoms said the location where police found her son was just less than a block away from his home.

While thinking of the hurt, Sessoms and Jah’ques’s father, Shante Fleming, also spoke of the fond memories of their son. They said the teenage boy was a junior at Beddingfield High School and loved football. Sessoms added, “He was a running back at our Boys and Girls Club in Wilson where he continued to play, he was a great player, good spirits, he would come around and just showed all smiles.” The family said Jah’quez would have celebrated his birthday a few weeks later in January.

Jah’quez’s father said it’s been difficult to not know who killed his son but also said the worst part is not having him here. Fleming said, “It’s the reminder every day that he isn’t here no more, you can’t call him, see him… I just miss him a lot, you know? I wish I could bring him back.”

Wilson police tell CBS17 News that investigators continue to search for possible suspects. The investigation is still ongoing.

While police search for answers, Sessoms hopes by handing out flyers and sharing her son’s story that someone may come forward or help put the pieces together. The family said Fighting Crime LLC, a group focused on bringing closure to families and solving crime, is offering up to a $15,000 reward to anyone with information that may help solve the case and bring the family justice. The group helps share anonymous tips to law enforcement.

Through tears, Sessoms said, “Being that we can’t bring him back, it would be some type of closure, but it wouldn’t heal our hearts. It may heal the mind a bit by somebody taking ownership of the crime that they did.”