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WAXHAW, N.C. (FOX 46 CHARLOTTE) — After enjoying her son’s basketball game at the Baxter YMCA in Fort Mill, a Waxhaw woman says she went home only to find out later that someone broke into her car. She didn’t know until after the thieves tried to spend almost $10,000.

“There was nothing visibly wrong with it when we got in the car.”

Mary Dejonge says she locked her doors when she left her car. It wasn’t until her banks alerted her to some unusual transactions that she checked her belongings.

“I went out to my car, which I had unfortunately left my wallet in while we were in the basketball games, and they had taken all of the cards out of the wallet and put the wallet back. Turns out they used a screwdriver and jammed it into the keyhole on the driver’s side.”

Now, Rock Hill Police are looking for a man and woman duo who they say spent over $7,000 at Best Buy, Target, and Walmart.

The FBI reports that $7.4 billion was lost to motor vehicle theft in 2020. The average dollar loss per theft was $9,166, according to the Insurance Information Institute.

DeJonge says it would’ve been more if the banks hadn’t put holds on her account.

“It’s basically just a crime of opportunity. So, the more vehicles out, the more opportunities someone has to break in. Especially at the gym, women don’t like to take their purses into the gyms, so they’ll leave it in a car, and so some of these criminals will wait and watch in the gym parking lot, and see a lady put the bag and purse under the seat and they’ll break in and take it and they’ll leave and be gone by the time we get the report,” said the Rock Hill Police Department’s Public Information Officer Lieutenant Michael Chavis told FOX 46.

DeJonge says she’s still shaken from the incident.

“That part is extremely scary, being somewhere where you think your stuff is safe and watching your kid play a basketball game, [it] isn’t where you think something like that would happen, so yeah, it’s a little bit frightening.”

Police say you should take all things of value out of your car and always make sure it’s locked. Police also say to put fraud protection on your debit and credit cards just to alert you in case this happens to you.