CHARLOTTE, N.C. (QUEEN CITY NEWS) — Families living in the Plaza-Shamrock community have begun to demand more action from Charlotte leaders to address aggressive driving that have become common dangers they face the moment they step outside their doors.   

The Shamrock Neighborhood Park on Hilliard Drive has experienced a string of dangerous crashes where drivers traveling well above the speed limit lost control and crashed into the temporary dog park.

The most recent happened on Sunday, April 9. 

“That is just a microcosm of what we deal with every day,” said neighbor Rick Mohrien. 

On Tuesday, roughly 20 neighbors met beside the damaged dog park, to discuss possible solutions to their concerns.  

The city has announced a street renovation project that would see improvements nearby, which could include crosswalks and stop signs.   

However, the renovation projects aren’t slated to get underway until next year, and won’t be finished for several years.   

There are also plans to construct a Charlotte Storm Water project where the temporary dog park sits. The project would replace and/or rehabilitate aging infrastructure to improve drainage capacity.

Neighborhood association members argue the changes are years away, and they want a solution now before any fatal accidents occur.   

“It isn’t acceptable for us to have to wait in this dangerous mode before the renovation project happens,” Joy Davis, a mother of a newborn, said. “I don’t want to put my dog or my child’s life in danger which is not an irrational thought.”  

Association members discussed the addition of better lighting, and flashing speed limit signs to get drivers’ attention. They plan to ramp up their efforts to get their ideas in front of city leaders.