(WGHP) — The South is known for its hospitality, but let’s face it: not every Southern city lives up to the hype.

Now, however, we know that we have a bastion of good behavior right here in North Carolina.

Apparently, according to at least this one survey, Charlotte was found to be one of the most polite cities in the country.

Before you go rolling your eyes, here’s how Preply came to that conclusion.

The original survey was actually about how rude cities are, not about how polite they are. Preply asked more than 1,500 people across the 30 largest metropolitan areas in the United States about “the rudeness level” of their city.

Some of the most common rude behaviors listed were people being absorbed in their phones, not letting people merge in traffic and being loud in shared spaces.

Coming in at #1 was Philadelphia, followed by Memphis, Tennessee, and the infamous “Hey-I’m-walking-here!” city, New York.

To determine the most polite cities, Preply looked at the cities with the lowest rudeness score.

Austin, Texas, topped the list, followed by San Diego, California, and Fort Worth, Texas. Actually, Texas shows up five times on the list!

Charlotte was tied for the #15 spot with Dallas, Texas.

And it’s no wonder, because those surveyed in Charlotte say the rudest people in town aren’t from Charlotte at all. Each city was asked if locals—people born and raised in the city— or non-locals—people who moved to the area later—were ruder. Charlotte topped the list for the most people blaming the attitude on out-of-towners.