(WGHP) — Animal shelters in the state of North Carolina have the second-highest kill rate in the United States, according to a Veterinarians.org report.

14.3% of the animals that enter shelters in North Carolina are reportedly killed, according to the report. Mississippi is the only state with a higher percentage at 18.3%.

The data was collected by analyzing animal shelter intake and outcome data collected from 3,261 shelters across the nation. This number represents 80.2% of the nation’s total brick-and-mortar shelters and an estimated 93.5% of the total sheltered animals in the country.

Note that the data does not include the approximately 10% of shelter animals that are humanely euthanized due to medical and behavioral issues.

Additionally, North Carolina ranked third among all states for the total number of animals killed in a given year with 28,790. Only California and Texas ranked higher.

Both lists of data can be viewed below:

The report also says that 68% of the animals killed at shelters are cats and the other 32% are dogs despite the fact that they enter shelters in roughly equal numbers.