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APEX, N.C. (WGHP) — Christopher Johnson, 59, of Apex, won a $25,000 a year for life lottery prize, according to an NC Education Lottery news release.

“The first thing I did was tell myself I can make a plan for the future,” Johnson said. “That was a good feeling.”

After checking his email late at night and seeing a notification from the lottery, Johnson said he could barely sleep.

“I read it in the middle of the night, and it woke me up for a while,” he said.

Johnson bought his winning $2 Quick Pick ticket for the Oct. 12 drawing using Online Play on the lottery’s website. He won his prize by matching all five white balls in the drawing.

“I just decided to give it a whirl,” he said. “It was an exciting moment.”

Johnson claimed his prize at lottery headquarters Monday and had the choice of receiving $25,000 a year each year for the rest of his life or a $390,000 lump sum.

He chose the $ 25,000-a-year-for-life option.

After required federal and state tax withholdings, he took home $17,756 in his first yearly payment.