CHARLOTTE, N.C. (WGHP) — A convicted felon from North Carolina has been sentenced to over 12 years in prison on numerous weapons charges.

Dewayne Daye, of Statesville, was found guilty of selling firearms without a license and illegal gun possession.

Court documents show that from October 2020 through February 2021, Daye illegally sold weapons and ammunition throughout the Statesville area.

Among the firearms that Daye sold were semiautomatic firearms capable of accepting a large capacity magazine and ghost guns.

Ghost guns have been around since the 1990s.  Anyone can order one online.  They come in a kit to put the firearm together and only take a few minutes to assemble.  Some are even 3-D printed.

The guns look almost identical to the firearms deputies and officers carry to work every day.

The only difference between a ghost gun and a traditional firearm is a serial number. Ghost guns are missing the multi-digit code on the bottom and people are able to purchase these firearms legally. 

Numerous law enforcement agencies have expressed concerns about the presence of ghost guns on the streets.

“They are extremely easy to get and extremely easy to put together,” Chief Deputy Steven Parr with the Guilford County Sheriff’s Office told FOX8 in April. “Without a serial number, we can’t figure out if the gun was stolen in a crime, or if someone suffered a break-in inside their home and it was taken, someone who lawfully possessed it has lost their gun, so it does make it more difficult.”

Daye was handed his 12-year sentence in court on Wednesday.

US Attorney Dena King says that Daye will be forced to serve three years of supervised release after his sentence has concluded.