GREENVILLE, N.C. (WNCT) — This is your sign to never skip class in college.

MrBeast recently was a guest and taught a class at Harvard University to Harvard’s Business School students. We are all aware that Harvard is a hard school to get into, with an extremely minuscule acceptance rate. However, with all of the Greenville resident’s success with social media, his chocolate brand, MrBeast Burger and many other accomplishments, it certainly qualifies him for the opportunity.

In the picture he posted with the chalkboard behind him that he used to teach the class, the big word on the board is philanthropy. This is something he is familiar with as he has his own Beast Philanthropy that he uses to help those in need.

When he posted the pictures on Instagram of him at Harvard, he captioned it, “I taught a class at Harvard which is pretty funny because I dropped out of college after only going for two weeks haha”.

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