GREENVILLE, N.C. (WNCT) — MrBeast has broken many records all across social media platforms. Now he’s moved on to repeatedly breaking his own record.

On Saturday, he uploaded an exciting Olympics-style challenge video that involved someone from every country in the world with a prize of a $250,000 gold medal. All participants were flown out to Greenville and faced each other in different rounds filled with activities such as gymnastics, archery and fencing.

The video was an instant hit and gained 59 million views in just 24 hours. That broke a record he set just one week earlier.

After releasing his video titled ‘7 Days Lost a Sea’ on August 5, the video set a new record for most views on a non-music video. His last four videos have all managed to receive more than 40 million views each in one day but the last three were different as they broke the most-viewed record.

Just a week after his first record-breaking video, he broke his own record with a video titled ‘$1 vs $250,000 Vacation‘ which crushed the other video by three million views. But this time, he shattered that record by a notable amount. His latest video, which he claimed was going to be his biggest one yet,” officially gained 59.4 million views in the first 24 hours. He posted on X, formerly known as Twitter, acknowledging the three-peat.

We know he continues to put out challenges and creative videos, so we’ll see what’s next.

Note: We’re going to spotlight events, videos and other social posts that revolve around MrBeast, who lives in Greenville, and all the great work he does online, in the community and around the country. To follow MrBeast, click here:

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