GREENVILLE, N.C. (WNCT) — In MrBeast’s newest video, he does something very special.

The Greenville native found 1,000 blind people and was able to help them get to see the world for the first time through surgery. On top of this, some of those people were given $10,000 each.

There were many special stories in this video. One participant was just excited to see his son’s face again.

A soon-to-be high school graduate named Jeremiah had never seen out of his right eye. There was only a 50% chance of this surgery would be successful. Not only was the surgery successful, but he was awarded $50,000 to put towards college.

Another man wasn’t able to work or provide for his family and now he finally can, especially with the added $10,000. Out of the thousands of people, you can imagine there were some amazing and inspiring stories.

Another participant named Satchel had dealt with poor vision his whole life. With this, he had never been able to drive. Three weeks after the successful surgery, MrBeast made his driving dream come true by giving him a Tesla.

Not only did he do this locally, but he extended it to countries all over the world that include Brazil, Vietnam, Jamaica and many, many more.

After all the surgeries and money had been given away, he donated $100,000 to the surgeon to help continue to be able to do the surgeries and bring sight to more people around the country.

The video was posted on Saturday and is currently #1 on YouTube’s trending page and has amassed 50 million views.