GREENVILLE, N.C. (WNCT) — MrBeast has been mostly praised for his latest kind and charitable activity.

The Greenville resident and YouTube star offered to renovate a stranger’s home for free. It began with a proposition that seemed hard to refuse, “Can I pay you money to let me renovate your house?” Gretchen — who is wearing a Pitt shirt, so we assume she’s from around here — gladly accepts the offer.

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After that, once again, MrBeast proves why he is known as one of the most generous people not only on social media but in the world. In the one-minute video, he shows off the hard work that flipped this woman’s house and captivated the homeowner as well as the entire internet.

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Gretchen and other family members were on a seven-day vacation while the renovation happened. MrBeast promised her it would be completely renovated by the time she was back, which seemed nearly impossible. It became a massive project.

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The footage shows rooms completely torn apart with walls falling, floors pulled apart and other remarkable changes. To make this possible, MrBeast even brought in a DIY TikToker.

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When Gretchen and her family returned home, they were overwhelmed with emotions at the outcome of the renovation, with the amazing transformations.

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MrBeast was praised by many on social media for the random act of kindness while some others thought the behavior was odd to just do for a stranger.

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We’ll let you make the call.


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