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RALEIGH, N.C. (WGHP) – Greensboro native Mark Robinson, North Carolina’s lieutenant governor and the highest elected Republican in the state, is about to publish a new memoir that details his views about his political future, public education, abortion, gay rights and how women conduct themselves.

Those are the insights gleaned by, which received an advance copy of “We Are the Majority: The Life and Passions of a Patriot,” due out in September.

North Carolina Republican Lt. Gov. Mark Robinson speaks at a Senate Education Committee hearing on Wednesday, July 14, 2021, in the Legislative Office Building in Raleigh, N.C. Robinson is facing calls to resign from elected officials and LGBTQ advocacy groups over comments he made in June in which he criticized teachings in K-12 public schools and likened peoples' sexual orientation to “filth.” (AP Photo/Bryan Anderson)
North Carolina Republican Lt. Gov. Mark Robinson speaks at a Senate Education Committee last year. (AP Photo/Bryan Anderson)

Robinson, you may recall, rose to political prominence after he addressed the Greensboro City Council in 2018 about gun rights in a video that went viral.

That spirited appearance was a harbinger of Robinson’s public life, where he has become known for vigorous speeches including controversial comments about gay rights and the roles of men and women. He drew criticism for speaking at the NRA convention in Texas just days after the killing of 19 by a gunman at an elementary school in Uvalde, Texas, and he was a mainstage speaker at the CPAC convention in Dallas earlier this month.

Although this is his first foray into politics, Robinson is seen by some as a leading GOP candidate for governor in 2024, a decision that WRAL reports he tap dances around in his book.

“He writes that he and his team have lists of fundraising contacts in anticipation of a run. He also says he is drafting plans of what a prospective gubernatorial bid might look like once second-term Democratic Gov. Roy Cooper is out of office,” WRAL reported.

Robinson also writes that he doesn’t want to pursue federal office, although the open U.S. Senate seat had been a thought, as has the encouragement that he be a candidate for vice president.

Robinson often speaks of being raised by a single mother after his father died when he was 12. He has served in the Army reserves and worked in a factory before his speech to the city council. He has attended UNC-Greensboro. His speeches often are sermons about conservative values based on his Christian beliefs.

The memoir, as reported by WRAL, follows that course.

He focuses significantly on education – he would “work to keep history, science and a number of other subjects out of first through fifth grade curricula” – and says he would get rid of the State Board of Education.

He thinks climate change is “junk science.”

He addresses abortion as “murder,” but he only briefly mentions in the book, WRAL says, the abortion he and his now wife, Yolanda Hill, obtained in 1989.


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He is against same-sex marriage – although the book says he would allow for some legal access to same-sex couples – and he doesn’t want children exposed to gay rights events.

WRAL goes on a point-by-point journey through the book, addressing seven topics that include Robinson’s explanation of how “women love to talk a man into submission,” building on remarks from a controversial speech at a church in Charlotte where he reinforced a Biblical reference to how society is “called to be led by men.”

WRAL includes this quote from the book: “I have found that women in general don’t like to be outtalked. When you go out in groups, it often comes down to discussions, women on one side, men on the other. And back then, I’d be just hurling it. Often women would get quite angry. They love to be able to talk a man into submission. And with me, it never happens. They can’t do it.”