STANLEY, N.C. (QUEEN CITY NEWS) — Stanley Police arrested a man who tried to break into his mom’s apartment last week. Then, when he couldn’t enter, he tried to set the front door on fire.

Officials also said 48-year-old Christopher Abernathy is on a $250,000 secured bond in the Gaston County Jail. He is facing charges of:  

  • Felony first-degree arson 
  • Attempted arson
  • Felony attempted breaking and entering
  • Second-degree trespassing

According to Gaston County Jail records, Abernathy has had several trespassing charges against him over the past year. Abernathy had three charges against him dismissed, according to court records.

This past Thursday, officers responded to a call for help at a North Peterson Street apartment. They got word that a suspect was trying to kick in the front door of the victim, his mother’s apartment. 

Officials also said Abernathy fled to another location, but officers took him into custody without incident.