CHARLOTTE, N.C. (QUEEN CITY NEWS) — After coming from Florida, former North Carolina Congressman Madison Cawthorn’s case in Mecklenburg County Court got put off a few more months.

Cawthorn was in court for bringing a loaded gun to Charlotte Douglas International Airport in April 2022.

The CMPD officer who cited him for having a gun at the airport couldn’t show up to court, so they asked for a continuance until May 5th.

“It’s not like a major thing that’s really weighing on me. It’s not something I think about a lot. It’s been a relatively easy process, and I’ve got a great Lord I trust a lot. And I think the courts will resolve in the way that it works for everybody,” Cawthorn said after the court appearance.

The incident happened back in April when TSA agents found Cawthorn’s loaded nine-millimeter handgun at Security Check Point D. They confiscated the gun, called CMPD officers assigned to the airport, and released Cawthorn.

“I said from the very beginning it was just a mistake. Yeah, that’s just poor planning. All my bags were packed for several different trips. And then I just grabbed the carry-on and went on to TSA. And I should have emptied it out,” Cawthorn said.

Unfortunately for Cawthorn, this violation was the second time he brought a loaded gun to an airport and attempted to take it with him through security. The first time happened in Asheville in February 2021.

“I think the real the real lesson, the real takeaway here is, no matter how much you travel, you should always really take the time to sit down, go through all your belongings, make sure that you’re not bringing anything as dangerous to you or other people to enter the airport,” Cawthorn said.

A CMPD officer cited him with misdemeanor possession of a dangerous weapon on city property.

“I really hope I do get [the gun] back. Staccato is one of my favorite pistols in the world. But I’m not sure what Charlotte’s rules are on that,” Cawthorn said.

Cawthorn did have an attorney representing him Friday. Other lawyers are suing him for allegedly skipping out on thousands of dollars in legal fees for different cases.