RALEIGH, N.C. (WNCN) — A landfill that’s burning for at least a day in North Raleigh is causing problems for some residents.

A controlled burn is underway at Wall Recycling Raleigh, which is a disposal location for trees, stumps and limbs, Raleigh Fire Division Chief Robert Hodge said Saturday.

The company, which is located at 3000 Gresham Lake Road, obtained a permit for the burn, Hodge said.

Smoke was seen rising beside Interstate 540 on Friday, Saturday and Sunday. Hodge said electronic signs along I-540 are now mentioning the burn.

Hodge said smoke from the fire was drifting across I-540.

Despite heavy rain on Sunday, the landfill fire appeared to continue Sunday night, according to images from a nearby NCDOT traffic cam.

Several people noticed smoke rising beside Interstate 540 on Friday.

“We’ve seen the fire going before but never this bad,” said Lydia Horne who works and lives near the burn site.

NCDOT traffic cam image from Sunday night showing the landfill fire in the distance. I-540 is in the foreground.

Horne, who owns Hoppy Endings, said they typically have their doors open and a larger crowd of people enjoying their outdoor seating area during the weekend. However, Horne said the business kept its doors shut because of the heavy smoke Saturday afternoon.

Bonnie Keyes, manager at Canine Country Club and Pet Hotel, said her business also dealt with issues.

Saturday, Keyes said she ventilated the building as well as the kennels and said, “If it’s bothering me, you could imagine what it’s doing to the animals in the area.”

Keyes noted that it’s not the first time neighbors and businesses have had issues and concerns and said it’s something they’ve dealt with before.

“There have been others at the same location and sometimes I’ll go out to walk the dogs and I’m like, it’s snowing, but it’s June and it’s not snow… it’s the ash from the fire.”

Keyes and others said they have concerns about the landfill pile growing and believe it has caused more issues.

“I just work here, so I’m coming and going, but for the people who live here… I could see how that could be a huge inconvenience and concern,” Keyes said.

At least one resident in the area complained to CBS 17 that he had close all the windows on his home because he couldn’t breathe.

Hodge was not sure how long the fire would continue.