CHARLOTTE (QUEEN CITY NEWS) – UNC Charlotte students are waking up to find their car windows smashed out.

Dozens of cars were broken into on UNCC’s campus over the weekend.  At least 20 cars were impacted, many of them in the South Village Parking Deck.

“It’s scary to think it can happen at any point in time,” said UNC Charlotte Student Dalton Falls.  “And I won’t be able to do anything about it.”

It’s a fear many UNC Charlotte students are once again facing.  This isn’t the first time they’ve dealt with car break-ins.

“It’s really frustrating considering we are paying nearly $500 for a parking pass,” said Nadia Schiesl, who had her car broken into Friday.  “I went out and noticed my window was broken and my glove compartment had been gone through.  Everything was thrown everywhere.”

Last December, students at UNCC were dealing with the same thing.

“Of course, I had heard of this last semester,” Schiesl said.  “So it wasn’t shocking this time– but it’s annoying that it keeps happening.”

“If this is a pattern, I think they should care more about what’s going on with these students,” said Parent Erin Schiesl.  “It’s very disruptive to their lives.”

Students want more to be done so they feel safer doing something as simple as parking their cars on campus.

“It kind of makes you as a student feel like you don’t even want to go here,” said Falls.  “You don’t feel as engaged in the college experience, because you’re just feeling scared that your car is going to get broken into.”

“I would want them to make sure cameras are installed,” added Student Ruhshona Soledjonova.  “Or have police checking up on suspicious activity so this doesn’t happen again.”

Some students have also had bicycles and catalytic converters stolen.

UNCC tells Queen City News it’s currently working with CMPD, investigating similar break-ins in the University City area.  It’s also adding hourly surveillance to the impacted lots during early morning hours and evening hours.