RALEIGH, N.C. (WNCN) — North Carolina’s warm weather is drawing more people outdoors. It’s also drawing out more bugs.

Luke Overstreet, Triangle Home Services’ Raleigh branch manager, says they’re keeping their pest control staff busy.

“Last couple of weeks we’ve had a lot of influx of calls coming in. The warmer weather realy brings out all the insects and other orthopods,” Overstreet said.

Insects like mosquitos are doing just fine outside. However, like people they’ll make their way inside when temperatures cool down.

“You’re gonna see a huge influx of internal activity during those colder days when they happen again, they’re going to stay alive at higher rates. When it warms up again, those populations are just going to explode,” said Overstreet.

Many of pests like to hide in mulch around the house at night before moving inside during the day. To avoid mosquitoes, watch for any stagnant water. Moisture tends to attract pests too.

Overstreet said termites are the biggest concern right now.

“You’ll start to notice some swarmers- basically meaning flying termites and flying ants, as well. Those are going to be really huge in the next few weeks,” said Overstreet.

Triangle Home Services, is placing more termite baits around homes this time of year but they’ll be busy with all kinds of critters as true spring and summer roll in. The company specialized in mosquito, bed bug, termite and general pest controls and has even won a Raleigh’s Best award.

Overstreet says its best to call a professional at the first hint of an indoor infestation.

“They’re inside the walls, inside the crawl space and attic void- it gets a lot more difficult to get the population of the bug under control,” Overstreet said.