MINT HILL, N.C. (QUEEN CITY NEWS) – Oh, to be young and free-falling in love.

A husband-to-be was fueled by love and pure adrenaline when he recently proposed to his girlfriend after skydiving. 

The Mint Hill couple plummeted thousands of feet before he got down on one knee.

“We’re about to go skydiving!” the couple said in Piedmont Skydiving video capturing Parker Burns and Lauren Decker in Salisbury.

It was all the set-up for a romantic gesture orchestrated by Burns.

“I’m ready to be engaged,” he said on camera while Lauren wasn’t watching. “What’s up Lauren, I love you! At this point, we’re going to be engaged. I’m super hyped, and I hope you’re surprised.”

So, he wasn’t nervous at all about jumping from a plane at ten thousand feet.

“It was perfect because I wasn’t scared to jump anymore; I was scared to propose!” Burns said. “What’s up Lauren, I love you! At this point, we’re going to be engaged. I’m super hyped, and I hope you’re surprised.”

“Never in a million years would’ve thought it would happen then,” Decker said.

Burns enlisted his parents and a friend to lay out some candles below.

“Why are there so many people in the landing zone?” Decker wondered.

The proposal was literally a blur at first.

“He had this big sign on the ground that I was supposed to read as I was coming in for my landing, but I didn’t have my glasses on, so I didn’t see it,” she recalled.

“So (the sign) said, ‘Lou, will you marry me?'” Burns said.

Once he asked, he got an immediate “yes.”

“I’ve wanted this day for so long,” said Decker. “He was crying; I was crying; his mom was crying; my parents on Facetime were crying.”

Burns has an eye for such moments. He says his side hustle is photography, and taking engagement photos of clients is always fun.

“It’s a special moment in someone’s life,” he says. “It feels so surreal. It’s actually us this time in the pictures.”

He’s never been afraid to shoot for the moon. While they were students at UNC Charlotte, he confidently slid into the DM’s of the dream girl he didn’t even know.

“I said she was beautiful and it went on from there,” Burns said.

It worked.

“Yeah, welcome to the new times,” he said.

“Surprising to me too, I know!” Decker added.

Friends and loved ones are blown away by how the proposal went down.

“A lot of people that we’ve told so far, They said that I’ve set the bar too high,” said Burns.

“All my friends are saying that!” Decker said.

No telling how he’ll top that. They bask in the glow of the perfect landing and a new beginning.

“It was just a great moment; it was really magical,” says Decker.

The couple plans to get married next spring or summer.