DAVIDSON, N.C. (QUEEN CITY NEWS) — The dramatic crossroads in the entertainment industry continues.  

Two unions representing more than 11,000 writers are entering week two of a strike, after demanding higher pay and better contract deals with studios.  

Within days, shows and movies, including “Stranger Things” and “Blade,” have paused or stopped production.  

“We have come to a crossroads, and people aren’t making a livable wage on every level of the industry, and more needs to be done,” said Pam Brackett, a Charlotte-area film industry photographer and location scout. “But that platforms have changed, the streaming, everything is affecting it, everything.” 

While North Carolina is no Hollywood, it has been the set of several productions over the years. Wilmington is a filming hot spot, but even the Charlotte area has been the home to films “Shallow Hal” and “Talladega Nights” and TV shows like “Homeland.” 

According to Film NC, right now at least three productions are supposed to be filming in various locations across the state.  

“Wilmington is getting hit pretty hard right now,” Blackett said.  

Industry publication Deadline has reported an untitled series starring Joshua Jackson has halted production there.

“It’s all kind of clashing together,” Blackett said. “What affects one effects the other, just like any industry.” 

She has been in the industry since 2008, working as a commercial location scout and on-set photographer. 

“Just since last year, we are steady, but we are not as busy, but we are steady,” she said. “North Carolina is holding its own.” 

Brackett’s colleagues, who also work on film sets, say they keep their home base in North Carolina, knowing the commercial market will provide jobs in between film gigs.  

“I don’t know what it is going to take to slow it down just a notch, and I don’t know if we can,” she said. “I mean the internet is getting faster and faster, new platforms are coming online. I don’t know if you can really stop it.”