WAKE FOREST, N.C. (WNCN) — The giant gorilla sitting off of South Main St. in Wake Forest is getting a new home.

The 8-foot tall, 5-foot wide gorilla currently stands outside of Hoy Auction, an auction house in the town, holding his hand out so people can sit in it for pictures.

The business put the gorilla up for auction. That’s right — Magilla gorilla was for sale.

‘Time to move on,’ the listing read.

It created a stir in the community, with Facebook posts and pleas to keep the gorilla in the town.

It also raised a lot of questions — Where did the gorilla come from originally? How long has he been in Wake Forest? Why was he put up for auction?

CBS 17 spoke with Jay Hoy, the owner of Hoy Auction, to get answers.

‘Going once, going twice… sold!’

Sunday morning at 10 a.m., the auction closed and the locally-famous primate started getting ready for a new home.

At the time the auction closed, there were 25 bids.

The highest bidder secured the gorilla at $3,500.

Where is the gorilla going?

Members of the community have expressed interest as to where the gorilla will end up next.

According to Jay Hoy, who currently owns the gorilla, the local celebrity will stay in the town. 

“I’m very happy to report that the gorilla will remain in Wake Forest!” he wrote in a Facebook post. 

He announced that the gorilla’s new home will be at Keith’s Store, located at 13041 Keith Store Road in Wake Forest. 

It’s known as a community hangout with a rich 80-year history.

“The decision was easy to bid to keep another part of Wake Forest’s history alive,” the owners of Keith’s Store told CBS 17.

Safe travels, gorilla!