HIGH POINT, N.C. (WGHP) — A store employee offered a graphic account of the scene after a possible shooting that happened on South Main Street and West Market Center Drive in High Point. 

It was a part of a situation played out in the Kagan’s Home Furniture Store parking lot Monday night when a store window was shattered. 

According to a High Point Police incident report, there may be a connection to a crash at the same intersection.  

The report details an accident and lists the same two vehicles behind the crime scene tape.

Police are actively investigating and unable to give specifics about the crime that occurred. 

Surveillance cameras at a nearby store recorded some clues in the case. FOX8 obtained two videos captured in a parking lot near the disturbance. 

The first video showed a customer leaving the Universal Halal Meat and Grocery Shop on College Drive. Several gunshots can be heard in the video. 

“We just start hearing like shots going off outside,” said an employee, who asked FOX8 not to reveal his identity.  

A customer in the video ducks on the side of his truck and then runs to the front of it for cover until the shots stop. 

Four minutes later, a woman wearing a white dress comes to the store doors. In the video, the woman is heard asking another customer for help, that she is pregnant, and was shot. 

The store employee told FOX8 he knew something was wrong when he saw her at the door.

“The lady was covered in blood and screaming, crying for help,” he said. “She was just like leaking blood all over her feet. She had on no shoes. It was leaving footprints of blood.”

He called 911 and asked the woman to stay put.  

“She was walking from my store to Sonic,” he said. “I was going to go inside and bring towels, everything, you know, try to cover up her stomach and everything so she won’t bleed as much.” 

The employee said he saw two men running across the Kagan’s Home Furniture Store parking lot.

“I didn’t know if they were going to check on them to see like what had happened in the car or running away from the scene,” he said.

He told FOX8 first responders arrived at the Sonic on South Main Street and took the woman away in an ambulance. 

Crime scene investigators spent several hours taking photos of two vehicles and collecting evidence in front of the furniture store. 

FOX8 cameras spotted four investigators back out at the scene and at Sonic on Tuesday morning.  

“We hear about shootings in High Point all the time, but it kind of really doesn’t hit you until you have to experience it firsthand and see how it affects somebody,” he said.

FOX8 reached out to High Point Police multiple times for details on the investigation. A spokesperson said an update will be released at a later time.