HIGH POINT, N.C. (WGHP) — Staffing shortages are causing fast food to slow way down. Almost all of the fast-food restaurants on South Main Street in High Point have signs advertising job openings.

Tyshawn Lilly, the manager at the South Main Street McDonald’s, says the staffing issues started with the pandemic. They haven’t been able to fully bounce back.

“We desperately need people to come work. If you can come in for an interview, you can come in. If you can come in and do the application, do the application. We just need people to come in and work.” Lilly said. “We’re looking for managers. We’re looking for cashiers. We’re looking for cooks.”

Lilly says the restaurant is just returning to normal after losing 10 employees in the last two weeks.

“It hurt us tremendously,” he said.

McDonalds isn’t the only place on a staffing roller coaster. Signs are also posted outside of the nearby Wendy’s, Subway and KFC.

The lack of staff has customers waiting a little longer, and drive-through lines are going a bit slower.

Until these restaurants can get things back to how they were before the pandemic, they’re hoping customers can bear with them.

“Just be patient with us, and we’ll get back to where we used to be fully staffed and making sure all the customers are happy,” Lilly said.

The South Main Street McDonald’s is holding a hiring event on May 10.

They’re hoping it will attract much-needed help.