HIGH POINT, N.C. (WGHP) — A road repaving initiative is being scaled back in High Point.

We found potholes cracks and pieces of missing pavement driving around the city today.

Deborah Caesar grew up on Cedrow Drive and has been living in the area for the last six decades.

“By being a retiree on a fixed income, I don’t have additional money for a car repair,” Caesar said.

She’s seen the improvements made.

“They laid some type of pipes. I don’t know if it was for gas or sewer,” she said. “The road conditions are deplorable.”

Cedrow Drive is one of the 40 roads in High Point ready for resurfacing

FOX8 found out only three will get fixed right now including Arlington Drive, Swans Gate Lane and Swan Lake Drive.

On Tuesday afternoon we saw crews out making temporary repairs to Dartmouth Ave.

Our crews saw holes and patches covering the street. 

The allocated funding was $3.3 million, and the bid officials received was over $4.6 million.

That’s 36 percent above the engineering estimate, according to Robby Stone, the director of High Point Public Services.

“Just this morning, I was actually going to get a little meal for my grandson. I went up the street on my route…but ended up in the pothole,” Casaer said. 

A problem that could cost her hundreds of dollars if it caused damage to her car.

“I said I cannot afford a car repairment bill…the first thing that went through my mind was alignment,” she said.

“The higher the traffic volume, the quicker the asphalt will decay,” Stone said. 

Caesar’s street got cut off the priority list when the High Point City Council agreed to reduce the number of projects to cut costs.

“I want everyone to realize and hope they understand right now everyone is paying for the increase of prices in the market. We want to maintain streets to the best of our ability. We were just thinking we just need to step back and pause our resurfacing this year,” Stone said.

Stone encourages people to report potholes in their neighborhoods.

Just call the High Point customer service line at (336) 883-3111, and they will try to get a crew out to fix the problem within a day or so.