HIGH POINT—Neighbors in a flood-prone High Point neighborhood will now have a second way to get in and out of their subdivision.

When heavy rain is in the forecast, it often causes major flooding in the community and traps people in their homes.

Over the last two weeks, crews finished paving a new exit out of the subdivision.

Some people fear the road, which now stretches between Greenstone Place to Running Cedar Trail, could be used as a cut-through.

So while community members are happy this could solve the flooding problem, they now have a new concern.

“Traffic has been picking up for quite a bit,” Ralph Childress said.

For the last 15 years, Childress has enjoyed his quiet community except during times of flooding.

“I missed work over that flooding problem,” he said.

City of High Point crews worked to make repairs to keep the water away. Childress says it wasn’t enough.

“They came back several years later and dredged down there a little bit. It helped a little bit, but a couple of years after that, we were still flooding again,” Childress said.

Crews built a road at the back of Foxwood Meadows. Now, people living there worry about increased traffic.

“It seems like the outside people found out about it. The main reason for this cut-through was for us to get out when it’s flooded…not for people to cut through to make a shortcut,” Childress said.

Childress remembers a moment three years ago.

“I had to park on the other side, and FOX8 got me walking through the water. The water was up to my chest with my gas can. I’m glad we don’t have to do that anymore,” he said. “We just hope there won’t be any speeding or anything coming back through,” said Childress.

Trevor Spencer, the director of High Point’s Engineering Service, says officials don’t expect large amounts of traffic even though some people will use the road as a cut-through.

Spencer says he has received a lot of positive feedback about the project and tells people who are not happy about it to give things time.

He assures neighbors they will see the public safety benefit.

Stop signs are at both ends of the road, and trees line the street to give neighbors some privacy.