HIGH POINT, N.C. (WGHP) — In newly released 911 calls, you can hear calls of panic that came from tenants after flames tore through their apartment building.

“We can’t get out. The entire building is on fire,” you can hear in the 911 call.

Heavy smoke and bright orange flames engulfed a building at the Copper Mill Village Apartments.

Frantic 911 calls started coming in one after another.

The fire sent at least four people to a hospital.

About 30 people are without a home Tuesday afternoon. At least five ladder rescues were made from windows.

Pets were rescued as well.

“It’s been quite a while since we had to make ladder rescues. I can’t say an exact time, but this was a significant event for our firefighters,” said Fire Marshal Chris Weir with the High Point Fire Department.

All that’s left of the building is the charred shell and puddles of water.

Manuela Guifarro was inside his brother-in-law’s apartment in the building next door with their two kids.

He ran outside when he heard the fire alarm.

“I walked out and the flames were like 15 feet high in the hallway. People were running out. People were screaming, knocking on people’s doors to make sure they were coming out,” Guifarro said. “It’s something you see in a movie.”

The fire marshal tells FOX8 that to his knowledge, the building was up to code.

It was built in 2004 with no renovations since then.

Fire officials say because the building is so badly damaged, they have limited access for safety reasons.

They are relying heavily on neighbor interviews to find out exactly what started the fire.

We are still working to learn the conditions of the victims.