HIGH POINT, N.C. (WGHP) — A High Point man is thanking his neighbor for coming to his rescue after being attacked by a fox early Tuesday afternoon.

Darrin Watson said he was walking to his car when he heard a screeching bird-like sound when a fox ran after him from under his car.

“We thought it was a bird, but it was a high-pitch noise. They said it’s a noise they make when it starts attacking,” he said.

Watson said as soon as he saw the fox, he ran but slipped. He said that’s when the fox got ahold of him and bit him four times.

“As I turned to run, it started coming and attacking me. I ran across the grass. I slipped and fell, and then it latched onto my leg,” Watson said.

Watson said he noticed his neighbor run to his defense, yelling to spook the fox away.

“My neighbor came, running across to scare it off…when animal control got there, they caught it,” Watson said.

Soon after the attack, his neighbor called the police, who contacted animal control.

Animal control said the animal died once they put it on the truck and noticed bite marks on its leg and chin.

After the attack, Watson was rushed to the hospital where he got the first round of rabies shots to prevent an infection from the viral disease.

Watson’s encounter with a rabid animal makes the sixth confirmed case in Guilford County.