HIGH POINT, N.C. (WGHP) — After a man was cut during a fraternity party on High Point University campus, the president of the school responded in a message to the campus community.

In an email shared with FOX8, Nido Qubein says that the campus is home to more than 6000 students, plus faculty and staff, and that “wonderful events and meaningful fellowship” happen at HPU. “Thank you, students, for making this campus such a wonderful community. And, occasionally, there are also unfortunate incidents,” the message reads.

Police confirmed that there was an assault Saturday on High Point University’s campus. According to police, it came in as a stabbing but really involved a victim being cut with a piece of glass during an altercation “at Greek Village.”

Police say the victim and friends “flagged down” off-campus officers for help.

Jonah Waxman was arrested and charged with assault with a deadly weapon. According to court documents, Waxman entered a fraternity “starting a fight” with someone there and “pulling a piece of glass out of jacket pocket” and cutting the victim.

“The injured student was treated and is physically in good condition. The student who caused harm is no longer a part of our campus community,” Qubein writes.

Qubein continues in the email, explaining that the “HPU adjudication process” is meant to guarantee all parties are treated fairly, and requires reasonable time for investigations to be conducted.

“It is not possible for HPU to conduct thorough inquiries into matters and follow fair protocols as quickly as social media posts and rumors can be created and shared,” he wrote.

He goes on to say he hopes that the student body understands that these things take time. “HPU does earnestly try to make good decisions, particularly when it comes to the safety and security of our campus family.”

The University released the following statement after the incident:

“Safety and security of all students are of the utmost importance at HPU. When HPU’s campus police and security were notified of an altercation between two students, they responded immediately. The student accused of inflicting harm is no longer on campus. We appreciate the work of campus security and HPPD in this matter.”

Kappa Sigma fraternity was suspended after an investigation by High Point University that concluded last week. The university did not provide details of what led to the investigation or suspension.

They did not release which fraternity house this assault took place at, or whether or not the organization would face discipline.

President Qubein states that if a student ever has a concern about safety, please contact HPU Security at (336) 841-9111 or Student Life at (336) 841-9231.