HIGH POINT, N.C. (WGHP) — People in the High Point community understand the strain on their police department.

The police chief spent time in the Oakview community talking about the vacancies and what he’s pushing for to make sure your safety is never at risk.

Part of the hour-long discussion focused on how to make the streets safer.

Chief Travis Stroud mentioned a real-time center, boosted security and adding cameras on the city streets to deter crime and make it easier for officers to track down the people behind them.

“He brought up some good points. These cameras are like having another man on the street,” Jim Bronnert said.

Bronnert has lived in High Point for nearly two decades.

He tells fOX8 he never remembers cameras being installed around the city.

“I mean you see them at City Hall and different places. But as for something to help the police department…I have not seen anything out there,” Bronnert said.

Currently, there are 34 vacancies in High Point’s Police Department. Any extra eyes would be helpful.

“I think the technology is there at our fingertips. We have got to put it to good use,” Bronnert said.

We tried to sit down with Chief Stroud today to talk more in-depth about where the cameras would be placed and how many would be installed.

A spokesperson with the police department told us he was not available, and this is just in the idea phase.

That means funding needs to also be worked out.

We are told if everything comes together it will be sometime next year before the cameras go up.

For now, officers want us to remind you how big of a role you play in reducing crime

Tips and saying something when you see something helps law enforcement in a big way.