HIGH POINT, N.C. (WGHP) — A neighborhood watch group wants to make the City of High Point a better and safer place to work, live and play.

The Oakview Citizens Council held a meeting Monday night where people shared their concerns and what they want to see done to make things better.

Speeding is one of the things many people are fed up with citywide, and the police department is actively working to put an end to it. Those who attended the meeting had the opportunity to hear from the city manager, representatives from the police department and other leaders, who can help address the issues people have.

“Pulling out of my driveway, the people speed usually around 70 miles an hour, and they come on you so fast…you don’t really have a chance to really get out in the road, and it’s very dangerous,” said Steve Koger, who lives on Eastchester Drive.

Koger was one of 35 people at Monday night’s meeting who wants to see drivers slow down. The head of the High Point Police Department’s Traffic Division said his team of eight officers is constantly on the streets watching for speeders.

“As the public, y’all don’t always see it,” said Lt. Jeffrey Crouse. “But we’re out there. I promise you, we’re out there.”

So far this year, the police department has issued about 4,300 citations. On Johnson Street alone, there have been 120 given out. In the one mile radius around Johnson Street and Oakview Road, 570 people have gotten a ticket.

“Johnson Street is really bad,” said Jim Bronnert, president of the Oakview Citizens Council. “It seems like everywhere you go, everybody’s in a hurry to go nowhere.”

Lt. Crouse has noticed the speeding on the street and on other main roads. Last month, his team chose several locations throughout the city where there are more crashes and complaints..

That included Johnson Street, Wendover Avenue, Skeet Club Road, U.S. 29 and more.

“Eight of us went to one area and all focused on that same area at the same time,” Lt. Crouse said. “In 17 hours over the course of four days, we issued 454 charges.”

High Point police officers said they’ve noticed a difference with more officers keeping an eye on high traffic areas. They said it’s going to take the entire community coming together to keep everyone safe.