HIGH POINT, N.C. (WGHP) — More than a dozen High Point families spent the Fourth of July weekend asking why someone would target their vehicles and slash a one-inch hole in their tires.

The vandalism happened overnight Saturday into Sunday along Prescott Place and Hillcrest Manor on Eaton Place in High Point.

Neighbors told FOX8 that a group of people was seen on their street around five a.m.

When families went outside to their vehicles to start their day, they found tires had been slashed on several vehicles. And in some cases, several tires on a single vehicle.

High Point police confirmed that close to a dozen vehicles were hit, but neighbors tell FOX8 it is closer to 20.

Ryan McPherson was one of those individuals. His rear-left tire had been slashed and replaced with a spare.

“It looks like they just ‘pow’, McPherson told FOX8 as he showed reporters the hole. “Brand new tire. $120.”

The hole in his and most of his neighbors’ tires was near the rim of the wheel.

The High Point native helped his neighbors change out their own tires but admitted that some of them had to be towed or were unable to be repaired easily due to the number of tires slashed.

The vandalism has put several people in a tight spot.

A few lucky individuals were able to get rental cars last minute on Sunday but told FOX8 that they were not hopeful that tire shops would be able to easily repair or replace some of the tires.

One person said he was able to get a rental vehicle to continue with his holiday plans, but that he would only have the rental until Wednesday.

“Tuesday when everybody else is coming back from getting tires, me coming in from High Point, it is going to be a very tough to find tires. I’m looking at for just two tires, over $200,” he said.

High Point police have not released more information about the incident or any suspect identification.