High Point, N.C (WGHP) — Have you ever been sitting at a red light and had someone appear by your window asking for money?

Some High Point residents say they’re fed up with those panhandlers.

They have a right to be there. In the city of High Point, there are no rules preventing them from panhandling, but that could change.

Some people in High Point have had enough.

“They step off the median to get money from people on the other lanes as well between the cars. It’s been a real hazard,” said a man who lives in High Point.

He says it’s an accident waiting to happen, and earlier this week, he saw a fender bender caused by the man in the median. High Point police say while they don’t have reports of accidents due to panhandlers and while panhandling is legal, aggressive solicitation is not.

“I don’t like my daughter going there herself no more either due to the fact they actually walk up to you looking for money,” the man said.

He wants to see an ordinance and signs up like the ones that Greensboro installed last year, but High Point Councilman Michael Holmes says it’s not that simple.

“This is a very difficult problem to solve,” Holmes said.

He’s heard the complaints and wants to make a change, but wants to go about it the right way.

“As we get to the point where we have some ordinances in place and enforcement mechanisms, we will also have services that we can direct individuals to get them off the street to give them a process of how to receive services,” Holmes said.

For a long-term solution, the city is working on building a day center. In the short term, Holmes is meeting with the city manager next week to discuss options.

“It’s a combination of public safety about our neighborhoods but also about the population of homeless people,” Holmes said.

If the city does apply new rules to panhandling, they also need to figure out the enforcement because panhandling calls will not be a high priority for police.