HIGH POINT, N.C. (WGHP) — The possibility of a new 3-story proposed structure on Futrelle Drive in High Point is temporarily on hold.

On Monday the city council tabled the contentious zoning case concerning a proposed apartment complex in a neighborhood off Eastchester Drive.

City Council said the 6-2 vote would allow developer Efincia Construction more time to resolve some of the concerns many community members have had about the proposed apartment complex.

The apartment complex would sit on the North side of Futrelle Drive, 300 feet away from Bridges Drive. It will be a 3-story 46-unit multifamily building on 2.9 acres.

The complex would go in the middle of a single-family neighborhood. High Point homeowner Amber Arnold said the proposed complex would not match the family aesthetic they know and love.

“We’ve enjoyed living in High Point for many, many years and would love for our neighborhood to retain our ‘historic’ character it’s had all this time instead of a very drastic change,” said Arnold.

Arnold said she would love to compromise with the developers and would like them to look at building single-family homes instead of an apartment complex in their neighborhood.

“What would be ideal is if the developer was interested in talking to residents about this and unfortunately when residents have approached him about any kind of mitigation efforts. He said absolutely not, he’s not interested in that. That’s disappointing,” said Arnold.

As of now, the City Council has not set a date for them to revisit the rezoning project of the building.