HIGH POINT, N.C. (WGHP)  — A High Point family has found their first-ever home after years of searching for an affordable house during a time when realtors say there are very few affordable houses, in good shape, on the market.  

Paul and Candance Tutu are set to move into their new home on George Place on Monday with three of their four children who live with them.  

The couple is originally from out of state, but move to High Point six years ago, where they began to rent properties, but never owned their own home.  

Paul told FOX8, “the market is bad right now,” when asked about how difficult the search has been.  

His wife Candance said that they have found at least four homes prior to their new home, but their conditions were not up to city standards.  

She said, “We couldn’t find anything on the market that would’ve been approved by the city, because there was always some type of work needing to be done.”  

The couple’s new home was not one built by a single contractor company, but rather the result of collaboration with High Point Communities Against Violence, and the Housing Consultants Group.  

HPCAV’s Life Construction Program, led by NC’s Home Builders Association, worked on the home building project.  

The program takes individuals with criminal histories and teaches them valuable trade skills and how to use those skills to build homes.  

In September the group, led by Architecture Ed Kimsey, began work on the single-story, three-bedroom two bath house on George Place.

The Tutu family was able to find their way to the home through the help of Housing Consultants Group, which walks first-time home buyers through the home buying process.  

Founder Sofia Crisps told FOX8, “There are less than ten affordable houses in High Point,” and that to be considered for affordable housing a person must make less than 80 percent of the median income of the area they are looking to live in.  

This part of George Place is full of first-time home buyers who have found affordable housing in the last four years.  

Sofia explained that these homes are not just being bought by people who want to stay temporarily, but who plan to make this community and home a generational place to live for their kids, and their kids.  

“People take pride in something that they can say, ‘Oh, I own this,’” Sofia explained.  

There is a plot of land directly next to the family’s new home, where Sofia and HPCAV are exploring to develop another house that would complete the neighborhood. 

Details and a start date have not been finalized.