(WGHP) — A man who walked out of prison less than a year ago is now charged with two kidnappings and car thefts in two Piedmont Triad cities.

High Point police arrested 20-year-old Khasi Gladden early Monday morning and linked him to a carjacking on North Centennial Street on Thursday night.

A witness got a good look at the robber over the weekend as he left the vehicle, which helped officers identify Gladden as the suspect.

Gladden is accused of stealing a white Mercedes in High Point. Police spotted him in the car on East Martin Luther King Junior drive and tried to pull him over. The Mercedes crashed at Freeman Mill Road and the Interstate 40 ramp in Greensboro Monday morning.

Gladden is at the High Point jail being held without bond.

Hunter Thompson was elated knowing her car is back and the man accused of taking it is behind bars.

“I was screaming at the top of my lungs. I was full of joy in that moment,” she said. “Basically, it went from tears of fear to tears of joy.”

Thompson, 20, came face to face with Gladden Thursday night in the parking lot of a strip mall at the intersection of North Centennial Street and Eastchester Drive.

“Definitely the scariest moment,” she said.

Several other people have been in her situation lately, including a 35-year-old woman in this vehicle who was trying to get to work Saturday morning.

She told FOX8 during a phone conversation that Gladden blocked her in, came up to her door and screamed at her to get out of the vehicle while holding a gun.

Her car is the last one the suspect was in when he crashed on Freeman Mill and I-40.

A search of arrest reports shows Greensboro police investigated five vehicle thefts between Saturday and Monday. In High Point, there was one during that same time frame, but officers have investigated 105 vehicle thefts this year.

“They found my car at an apartment complex in Greensboro, and they called and told me where the location was, and that the car was not damaged at all, at least from the looks of it. That definitely hit home,” said Thompson.

A moment Hunter never thought would happen after holding on to her car handle and a stranger drove away in it

“Even days later it’s still hard to sleep at night,” she said.

Now the excitement of getting her vehicle back is keeping her up too.

Thompson said, “I’ve never been so happy to pay a car payment in my life.”

Hunter tells FOX8 when Gladden got arrested he had her key fob on him.

Her SUV is at the dealership getting cleaned up, and she is getting a new key made.

Gladden is scheduled to make his first appearance in court Tuesday afternoon.