HIGH POINT, N.C. (WGHP) — A firefighter rescuing a kitten stuck in a tree is almost a cliche at this point.

First responders helping folks with stranded pets is definitely part of the job, but High Point Fire Department got a pretty unusual call this week!

They posted on their Facebook that Engine Three came to the rescue of a pet snake who had gotten stuck on the roof of a house on Thursday!

The police department says that with the fire department’s help, Animal Control Officer Owens climbed on the roof of a vacant home where a Colombian Ret Tail Boa had gotten stuck. She put the snake around her neck and brought it back down to safety!

“The best career in the world, every call can be an adventure,” they wrote.

The snake was safely rescued and posed for a couple of pictures with its rescuers, too. It is now with Piedmont Reptile Rescue.