HIGH POINT, N.C. (WGHP) — The search didn’t end the way the family and friends of Heddie Dawkins had hoped it would.

Family and community members spent a week searching for Heddie Dawkins, who went missing early morning Wednesday.

“God is special sometimes,” said Cory Dawkins, Heddie’s grandson. “He has to take one of his angels to show everybody else to wake up.”

Family members were embracing Tuesday evening as they got word their sister, mother and grandmother Heddie Dawkins was found.

“The first reaction was I was glad she was found,” said Cory. “And then we found out that she had passed and my heart just sunk.”

It’s not the end to the nearly week-long search this family was hoping for. But it is closure.

“We know where she’s at,” said Cory. “No more pain. She’s with our granddaddy and she’s happy and that’s all we wanted.”

A search group of community members went out along Hickswood Road just before 5:00 Tuesday evening. FOX8 crews were following the team as they approached a home with a wooded area in the yard. The owners gave the group permission to come on the property. That’s when Ebony Dowdy, a family friend, screamed out for someone to call 911.

“Soon as I came out the woods and walked maybe 20 feet I noticed and I seen her laying there,” said Dowdy. “I don’t want to say I’m a hero, but God made me do his work. I did what I felt like I had to do today.”

Now that the search is over, Heddie’s grandchildren said they’re amazed at how it brought an entire community together.

“Just to see people just being united and not worrying about anything else in this world that’s going on,” said Cory. “They were really trying to find our grandma.”

They’re grieving the loss of their grandmother but were comforted by the large rainbow over High Point Tuesday evening. They see it as a sign.

“My grandma has a way of doing things sometimes,” said Cory. “The rainbow was saying ‘hey I’m okay. Y’all stop worrying. I’m okay.'”

There is a vigil for Heddie planned for Wednesday evening at her church, Gethsemane Baptist Church. The pastor told FOX8 it’s a time to lift up the family, as well as thank the community for all the efforts and support.