HIGH POINT, N.C. (WGHP) — A young woman who escaped from her burning apartment with nothing but the clothes on her back had a special reunion Friday.

The Copper Mill Apartments in High Point caught fire late Monday night. Dozens of people were displaced and several had to go to the hospital.

One of the people who was displaced, Ashley, had to escape the building through a window with just her cell phone and the clothes on her back.

“What about the dog? We got a dog up here,” she said on the 911 call. “I can’t pick her up. Please help us.”

Yet despite escaping with her life, she was heartbroken because she couldn’t get her dog, Moo, out. The 911 operator had to convince her to leave with just the clothes on her back nothing else.

“It’s the only thing I wanted,” she said. “She was the only thing that mattered to me in the entire apartment. I thought I literally lost her that night.”

For days, she wondered what happened to Moo.

On Friday morning, an insurance adjuster found her dog alone and alive in her apartment.

As FOX8 was set to talk with her about the fire, officials on the scene informed Ashley that Moo had survived in the building. The two were reunited by rescuers. Moo was good spirits. She was wagging her tail and gave some kisses to her rescuers as well.

“This is the reason I couldn’t come back here,” she said. “Just the thought that I lost my baby. I couldn’t do anything. We’re going to take her now, but, yes, it changes everything.”

The fire marshal tells FOX8 that to his knowledge, the building was up to code. It was built in 2004 with no renovations since then.

Ashley took Moo straight to the vet where she will stay overnight to be monitored.

The good news is she is doing well, and the vet says there are no visible signs of injuries.

Ashley has been offered a new unit at the complex. For now, she and Moo are going to stay at her parents’ house.

Fire officials say because the building is so badly damaged, they have limited access for safety reasons.

They are relying heavily on neighbor interviews to find out exactly what started the fire.

Ashley started a GoFundMe to rebuild.