HIGH POINT, N.C. (WGHP) — A dangerous High Point intersection could soon get upgrades.

For years, city leaders have worked to make the crosswalk at North Main Street and Hillcrest Place safer. Now, the city’s Prosperity and Livability Committee has found some solutions to help and needs the city council’s approval to make it happen.

The city is looking at adding lighting, a median to give people the option of crossing half the street at a time and more signs alerting drivers that someone is trying to cross the road.

People who work in this area said these changes are long overdue.

“Don’t ever cross the street,” said Sami Price, who owns Just Priceless on North Main Street.

It’s the piece of advice business owners share with their employees and customers.

“I actually drive to park … across the street,” said Joan Campbell, who works at Fast Signs on the street. “Or if I’m going to Kepley’s, I drive across the street. I just think it’s safer.”

Those who’ve been there for decades have seen too many close calls.

“We see near misses,” Campbell said. “We hear brakes squealing all the time.”

Price said that a couple of years ago, she saw a man get hit by a truck while trying to cross the street at the intersection of North Main Street and Hillcrest Place.

“I shook the rest of the day,” she said. “It’s something that you just don’t forget.”

It’s something she doesn’t want to happen to anyone else, which is why she’s glad improvements could be on the way.

“I think anything, any change would be a good change,” Price said.

On Wednesday, High Point’s Prosperity and Livability Committee approved about $45,000 worth of additions to make pedestrians safer. Mayor Pro-Tem Wesley Hudson has been heading up this project and is confident the city council will give the final go-ahead to add lighting, a median and more flashing signs.

“This has been a priority for city council for several months if not several years,” he said.

These additions might not be the last. The city’s transportation director is working on a bigger plan to improve North Main Street.

“We’re making small steps in the right direction,” said Greg Venable, director of transportation. “We have the other plan coming, a more comprehensive plan.”

With more business openings in the area and the furniture market coming up in October, owners hope some of these changes can be made as soon as possible.

“The longer you wait, the more opportunity there is for someone to get hurt again,” Price said.

The vote for these additions will be at the city council meeting on Aug. 21. After that, Venable said they can add the lighting and signage fairly quickly. It would take about six months to get the median installed.