HIGH POINT, N.C. (WGHP) — Some families in the Meadow Creek community in High Point are on high alert.

They say they are being harassed by solicitors.

“He kept ringing the doorbell over and over and over again,” said neighbor Melissa Shouse.
It’s a sales pitch she is not buying. She says two salesmen who say they work for the Vivint Security Camera Company are ignoring all the signs, including ones that show homeowners already have a security camera system.

She says they did not take no for an answer. After ringing her doorbell and knocking for about 15 minutes, Shouse finally came to the door.

“I said…’I’m not interested. Please remove yourself from my property.’ He continued. He actually leaned into my door with his cell phone and said ‘take a look at this. You don’t want to miss this deal,'” she said. “I finally had to shut my door on them to get them to leave my property.”

A few minutes later, she and her husband spotted the same pair across the street and called 911.

The dispatcher asked the couple “Is that them in the background I hear?”

“Yes. They are here from Vivint. We asked them to leave…they’re just sitting here arguing,” said Shouse’s husband.

Shouse then posted about her encounter on the Next Door app. It caught the attention of her neighbor Pam Brock.

“How aggressive can you be?” she said.” So you’re always thinking if these people are coming door to door and being aggressive about their sales pitch, are they canvassing us to see what’s happening during the day.”

“They were so aggressive, I thought they were trying to obtain something from my home,” Shouse said.

It has her and her neighbors in Fair Port Court uneasy, especially after a burglary happened weeks ago in the middle of the afternoon.

“When that gentleman was walking down the road that day at three in the afternoon the day the burglary happened, he looked like a regular person walking down the road. I wouldn’t have thought twice. Now I think twice,” Shouse said.

A spokesperson with Vivint Security Camera Company says they are now looking into the situation.