HIGH POINT, N.C. (WGHP) — An 8-year-old girl was found alone on the side of a High Point road in tears.

She told a stranger her Guilford County School bus driver dropped her off at a the Salvation Army Boys and Girls Club on Cloverleaf Place where the doors were locked.

The club was closed for an event on Tuesday when the incident happened. A Boys and Girls Club spokesperson told FOX8 they notified parents in advance.

The message never made it to the school. The bus driver dropped of the child and never waited to see if she got inside.

“I don’t know why the bus did that,” said the 8-year-old’s mom, who didn’t want to be identified. “But really honestly I’m not even blaming them.”

The mother admits the day her child was left alone at the Boys and Girls Club she failed to notify her child’s school.

“I feel like the blame is on me because I wasn’t thinking,” she said.

The girl walked down Cloverleaf Place and ended up off the exit ramp crying and trying to flag down someone to help her.

“When I pulled over, she came running to me,” Julie Long said. “She was so, so frightened. So I let her call a family member. She couldn’t reach anybody, so I said ‘well, I’m going to go against my better judgment here, and I’m going to take you home.'”

The 8-year-old also questioned her own judgment.

“She said ‘are you going to kidnap me?” Long said. “I said ‘no, ma’am, I’m not going to hurt you at all.’ I said ‘I’m going to get you to safety right now.'”

he child gave Long directions. Her mother was forever grateful such a kind and honest person picked up her little girl.

“You was at the right time and the right place because she said one car passed by,” the mom said. “Anybody could’ve snatched my child.”

She didn’t want to go on camera but allowed FOX8 crews to record as she met the woman who saved her child.

FOX8 reached out to the Guilford County School District to see what action they are taking following this dangerous drop off.

In a statement the district’s chief of staff, Dr. Rebecca Kaye said:

“We are grateful to the community member who took action to ensure the student was safe. While the Boys and Girls Club had a process in place to ensure that parents were informed, the district did not previously receive these notifications. To ensure this cannot happen again, the Boys and Girls Club now has a process in place to notify GCS directly when the program will be closed.”

The 8-year-old’s mom also learned a lesson through this.

“It could’ve been worse than what it was,” she said.

The girl did try to call her mom, but she didn’t have her new phone number. Her mom said she was having car trouble the day her daughter was stranded.

She said if that didn’t happen, she would’ve been more on top of the transportation situation.

She plans to have the Johnson Street Global Studies bus continue to drop her child off at the Salvation Army Boys and Girls Club every day after school.