High Point, N.C. (WGHP) – Every piece of furniture has a story.

Many of the pieces are handmade at companies in High Point, which is known as the furniture capital of the world.

Soon the public will be able to touch, sit and learn about chairs, tables, couches and more at a newly built museum at 311 S. Hamilton Str.in High Point.

“When you come into the hall of fame, whether you just walk into this building, and you see the architecture, or whether you look at the big screens…you are going to be inspired, and we want you to go home and look around and say, ‘wow, I could…make my home more beautiful, and I’m inspired now to make my home more beautiful,” said Karen McNeill who is the CEO of the American Home Furnishing Hall of Fame.

Like the ever-changing furniture industry, companies will rotate putting their pieces on display showcasing their newest products, latest trends and new styles and designs.

“This museum is here to educate people and to help them gain knowledge, and I think…they’ll learn about all the incredible…members of the hall of fame and their own stories,” said Phil Miller, vice president of Sales and Marketing for Thayer Coggin.

Currently High Poin- based Thayer Coggin, which handcrafts modern furniture down the road from the museum, is the designer on display.

“True all American made product. We hand cut every fabric..…the ultimate American craftsmanship,” Miller said.

The items will stay here for six months to give people in the community time to learn about the line and the rich history of this 70-year-old company.

“We want them to sit in them. We want them to…get into the piece and think about how great it makes you feel,” Miller said.

There is a story wall telling the history of the furniture industry and places to hold board meetings, events and seminars.

The CEO of the American Home Furnishing Hall of Fame told FOX8 they already have 36 events planned and are looking forward to other opportunities for the space.

“We hope to have big Super Bowl parties here. [or] when the World Cup is going, this huge, big story wall that’s 25 by 17 feet high in the celebration hall. How amazing would that be to have a group of people come over and to be able to watch an event like that?” McNeill said.

The American Home Furnishings Hall of Fame will open to the public in May.

As part of phase two of the project, there will be space dedicated to children.